From your church:

  • Transportation (enough to haul the number of people you bring) and a driver
  • Ice chests marked with your groups name.  Enough to hold lunches for the size of your group.
  • Offering – we will be collecting an offering – each group will be encouraged to bring change from home AND save change from all purchases throughout the week.  Offering will be divided ½ to Pastor Watson as seed money for ACTS construction and ½ as seed money for Mission Camp 2019 OKC.

From your home:

  • At least one bathing suit & swim towel (there is a pool at the hotel and we will be participating in lake activities) Intentional Christian community requires persons to think of others as we make choices.  Please consider modesty when packing appropriate swimwear for camp. 
  • *We will be swimming in the LAKE at least one evening.  Make sure you bring swimwear that you can wear in lake water.
  • 3 changes of work clothes that can get dirty (extra socks are always a good choice)
  • Closed toed shoes are a MUST Work gloves may also come in handy!
  • Life jackets will be provided HOWEVER; if you have a life jackets that fits you perfectly PLEASE bring it along.  Make sure it’s marked with your name!  No one will use it except you.
  • WATER BOTTLE – IN THE PAST THESE HAVE BEEN PROVIDED.  We do have surprises to hand out but water bottles aren’t in the mix.  BRING ONE OR TWO – YOU WILL NEED THEM DAILY!
  • 4-5 changes of clothes for worship activities (a camp tshirt will be provided)
  • Change of underwear for each day & appropriate sleepwear for hotel
  • All toiletries you will need (toothbrush; deodorant; glasses/contacts etc.)
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Bible – (but not a special one)
  • Dance attire – The Dance theme on Thurs night is “Red Carpet  Premiere” bring WHATEVER you would wear to walk the carpet – your style; your personality; your choice (*appropriate is the key word)
  • *Cell phones are permitted  if they don’t interfere with work or worship.
  • Our accommodations are located within walking distance to Walmart and Sonic bring money for snacks and drinks.
  • ***We will taking an offering on Weds. night the money will be divided ½ for a love offering for ACTS church in Jamaica (Pastor Watson’s church) and ½ as seed money for Mission Camp 2019.

Bring for nightly events

  • Swimsuit for Lake Night or Hotel Pool
  • Inflatable pool floats & noodles for lake
  • Life jackets marked with your name
  • Red Carpet Premiere (show your personality with your own style)
  • Water Bottle

Do NOT Bring

  • Fireworks; Illegal substances, alcohol or Tobacco, smokeless tobacco, E cigarettes/Vapor Cigarettes; Knives or Weapons of any kind; pets; expensive jewelry; large sums of money.

*First Christian Church Stillwater is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal items